Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Four Months/October

So I put my baby in a laundry basket.

I love his fat wrists.
He isabout 3.5 months here. 
Around this time he sampled babbling "dada." 

And his sumo thighs.
On the 12th of October Wyatt got to swing for the first time!
He pretty much loved it.

What Wyatt loves most in the world is being nakey and wiggling all over,
then grabbing his feet and trying so hard to get them in his mouth.
Usually his belly is in the way.

Wyatt was a Wild Thing for Halloween.

Ro was Max, from Where The Wild Thing Are.
So adorable.
He loved his tail!
Wyatt also loved the tail.

Wyatt's best buddy Grant.
They are so stinking adorable!

Ro takes Trick-Or-Treating very seriously.

He is the perfect Max.

The neighborhood kids.
The Ninja is Ro's new best friend, Dawson.
He shares his guns with Ro.
So that is the way to Ro's heart.

Aunt Shanna and Uncle Clint came to see the boys in their costumes.
They also brought little treats.

This is literally the only picture I had from Trick-Or-Treating. 
Sorry Ro, I promise you were not really drunk.
The four of us had a lot of fun at our church's "trunk or treat"
but we decided next year to go door to door. 
While Trick-Or-Treating only like two people understood what the boys were.
Our society is illiterate :)
One old man said to Ro, "Are you the king bunny?"
Okay I know the costume isn't perfect.
But what is a king bunny?! And did you see his claws? :) 
It was a little confusting.

Wyatt is really filling out the new born outfit.
On October 26th Wyatt started rolling from his back to his front. 
He is in constant danger of rolling off the couch.
Ro is a good babysitter.
But not the best.
Turns out he is three.

Ro had lots of fun playing in the leaves with his Daddy.

Wyatt loves his lovies!

He is loads of fun still!

That is about it from October.
I hope you enjoyed!
The end.


Katie said...

There is so much to say here.
1)Love the wrist rolls
2)I am sad that I am just now seeing the boys in their costumes.
3)But then I am happy, because, I mean ADORABLE right?
4)Also, I helped. Only because I told you I was totally going to say I helped. And by I helped I mean your mom stood right next to me and told me exactly what to do with the sewing machine thing that I can't think of the name
5)We should go trick or treating together next year.

Christina said...

Katie! I would LOVE to trick or treat with you next year! I hope Halloween isn't on a weekend!