Monday, August 13, 2012

Deanna Rose, Summer 2012

We had a beautiful day today.
What I consider to be perfect weather.
High of about 83.

So we went to the local farmstead.
We met lots of friends there.
Even our little baby friend, Henley came.
I just was a air head and didn't get his picture.

Wyatt L.O.V.E.D. the animals.
He squealed at the chickens.
He squealed at the calfs.
He squealed at the kids.
He really loved it.

(finally saw the pop-culture-reference clip this week)
(love Will Ferrell) 

Ro's friends were very much into taking pictures.
They are all so adorable.

Ro is pretty cute too.

Henry and Ro are so cute that you almost forget
how ornery they can be!
(Especially together!)

Could not decide if I liked them better in color or BW...

Henry is a doll.
I don't care if he is a big boy.
He is a doll.

You would think they would like to hit each other a little less.
They actually did great today.
They were both very well behaved.

Ro chose feeding the baby goats over the horse rides.
Those kids are crazy.
They will rip the bottle right out of your hand.
That is why we didn't go into the pin.
Despite Ro's polite plea.

Wyatt loved watching.
It was a lot of fun.
I love nice weather.
As opposed to melt-the-flesh-off-your-bones heat.
Hate overly hot days.

I would say that I'm sorry for not blogging more.
But I'm not.
I have a filled-to-the-brim sched.
(I didn't even have the time to spell out schedule.)

The end.

Monday, August 6, 2012

Four years

To my four-year-old Rowan,
You are the very best four year old I know. You have done so much in your fourth year. You started preschool, and LOVE it. Your teacher was Miss Karla and I am pretty sure she loved you too. You also did a full year of Awanas. You had a little trouble "using walking feet" inside school, and staying in your chair and listening in Awanas. But by the end of the year you really got into the rythym of things and had a lot less trouble. Your friends at school included Jack, Ryan, Abby, Anna and Brandon.  When you see the letter, 'A' you say, "A!! A is for Anna and Abby!!" You have learned a few letters, I bet by your 5th birthday you know all 26. You can spell "Rowan" and you can read and write your name! 
You are fearless. You love trying anything, even if you are a little cautious at first. At the begining of the summer you were very cautious at the pool, now you are an absolute fish. I have been told I need to check you for gills. You hold your breath without your hands to plug your nose. You try your best at the back stroke, freestyle and breast stroke. You can tread water and flip under water (backwards, not forwards). You keep your eyes open the entire time you are in the water. You love it when your feet touch the bottom when you jump in. My friend Jan has a slide at her pool and you were obsessed! You looked terrified right before you hit the water but you loved it.
You are so funny, you love to make all of us laugh, mostly Wyatt. You are a great big brother. You love to help me with Wyatt, keeping him safe and happy. You have dug many things out of Wyatt's mouth, keeping him from choking. (Even if you were the one to give him said choke hazard.) You think it is so funny when Wyatt goes for the toilet. You hate it when Wyatt screams in the car. So in turn you scream in the car. (I can say that I hate that.)
You love your blanket, your daddy, your mommy, your brother, bed time books, popcorn, playing outside with Dawson, crashing your cars, after-nap snuggles, sneaking into Mommy and Daddy's bed in the middle of the night, sneaking into Wyatt's crib early in the morning, getting a glass of water with a birthday cake pop from Starbucks, getting a Sprite at Sonic, going inside the gas station, having a dance party with Wyatt, swimming at Papa and NeNe's house, playing with new toys at Grandma Patty and Grandpa Rick's house, pancakes, bar-b-que potatoe chips, Ranch dip, salad, hitting the baseball, fishing with daddy, going to Bass Pro with Daddy, saying the prayers, playing on the iPad.
You don't love going to bed, sitting at the dinner table or eating dinner, when Wyatt screams, drinking milk, mommy or daddy going anywhere without you, coming inside when playing with Dawson, not being able to buckle your own carseat, getting even a tiny tiny boo-boo (and God forbid we put medicine/a band-aid on it or even look at it), being quiet and/or patient (you are four afterall).
I love you so much. You make me and your daddy proud (I wish you could have seen him watching you hitting the ball at baseball camp, he called you a prodigy). We think you are the neatest little boy. We love watching you grow up.
Love you buddy,
five kisses and five hugs,
Your Mommy

Thursday, June 7, 2012


It doesn't matter how much I say it.
 So I finally did his first REAL photoshoot.
Yes. I am horrible.
But we really had fun.
He absolutly loves the water.
As evidence by the following:

I love his little fat wrists.
I love his dimples on his fingers.

After his bath we went on a hot air ballon ride.

 We ended with a little watermelon snack.
He likes to take big bites and then basically choke on it.
Then get mad at me.
How dare I give him a delicious snack that risks his life.
Or scratches his throat because he didn't chew.
But really, isn't he the most adorable muffin you have ever laid eyes on?
He is delicious.
I cry myself to sleep when I think about him turning one.

Now poor little Ro has been begging me to come play with him.
So I must go.

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

How Wyatt feels About Rice Cereal

Over all, not a fan.
But we have time to try again.
I'm not expecting him to be as good of an eater as 
Ro (see: not picky) but I wouldn't mind it if he was!

The end.


We have a lot of fun on days Ro is in preschool.
He and Ro have a lot of fun on days Ro is home.
But I do enjoy my one on one time with Wy.

If you didn't laugh at this you have no soul.

He is getting close to sitting up on his own.
Soon enough.

The end.

Four Months/October

So I put my baby in a laundry basket.

I love his fat wrists.
He isabout 3.5 months here. 
Around this time he sampled babbling "dada." 

And his sumo thighs.
On the 12th of October Wyatt got to swing for the first time!
He pretty much loved it.

What Wyatt loves most in the world is being nakey and wiggling all over,
then grabbing his feet and trying so hard to get them in his mouth.
Usually his belly is in the way.

Wyatt was a Wild Thing for Halloween.

Ro was Max, from Where The Wild Thing Are.
So adorable.
He loved his tail!
Wyatt also loved the tail.

Wyatt's best buddy Grant.
They are so stinking adorable!

Ro takes Trick-Or-Treating very seriously.

He is the perfect Max.

The neighborhood kids.
The Ninja is Ro's new best friend, Dawson.
He shares his guns with Ro.
So that is the way to Ro's heart.

Aunt Shanna and Uncle Clint came to see the boys in their costumes.
They also brought little treats.

This is literally the only picture I had from Trick-Or-Treating. 
Sorry Ro, I promise you were not really drunk.
The four of us had a lot of fun at our church's "trunk or treat"
but we decided next year to go door to door. 
While Trick-Or-Treating only like two people understood what the boys were.
Our society is illiterate :)
One old man said to Ro, "Are you the king bunny?"
Okay I know the costume isn't perfect.
But what is a king bunny?! And did you see his claws? :) 
It was a little confusting.

Wyatt is really filling out the new born outfit.
On October 26th Wyatt started rolling from his back to his front. 
He is in constant danger of rolling off the couch.
Ro is a good babysitter.
But not the best.
Turns out he is three.

Ro had lots of fun playing in the leaves with his Daddy.

Wyatt loves his lovies!

He is loads of fun still!

That is about it from October.
I hope you enjoyed!
The end.